Containerized Mobile Incinerators

Containerized waste incinerator is our latest design for market. This incinerator is build in ISO container before leave factory. After customer received container, install the chimney and connect with electric power and setup oil tank, that’s all. Now, the burning capacity can be 10/20/30/50/100/150kgs per hour for ISO 20’feet container. This moveable/mobile incinerator can be move by truck to any site by local customer.Small Containerized Incinerator

This kind of incinerator is good choice for different end-customer site, Service personnel can move to there and service at local site. It is also best service type for family pet cremation service and other emergency status.

● Mounted in ISO Container before leave factory

● Free-installation

● No incineration house build construction,

● Movable by truck

● Custom made with 10/20/30/50/100/150 kgs per hour