ES Fiber Production Line and 400mm Melt blown Production Line and 1600mm Melt blown Production Line and  and N95 Mask Machine and Disposable Mask Machine

1. N95 and Disposable Mask Machine


2. 400mm and 1600mm Melt blown Production Line

3. ES Fiber Production Line




N95 Face Mask Machine Production Line

Melt blown Production Line


A.)Optional Capacity: 1600mm

Efficiency: 95-97%

FOB Term Price: USD per set

Price Valid: 5days.

Ave.60 Days ready for shipping.

In stock Price: USD per set



B.)Optional Capacity: 400mm

Efficiency: 40-50% .

FOB Term Price: USD per set

Price Valid: 5days.

Ave.20 Days ready for shipping.

Payment: TT 70% In advance, TT 30% before leave factory

Shipping: 1*20′ container per set, Ave. 2000Kgs.


Main Parts: Extruder, mold, winder, oven, ultrasonic

Daily Capacity100-150Kgs/24Hours

Screw extruder100-150Kgs

Motor power: 15KW frequency conversion speed regulation
Reducer speed ratio: 1:10 or 1:16
Screw length to diameter ratio: 30: 1
Screw diameter: 50mm
Winding machine diameter:
Winding machine drive motor power: 0.55kw
Speed ratio of winder drive reducer (if any): 1:71
Air heater power: 15kw
Power of vacuum calciner: 12kw
The size of vacuum calciner: 500 × 300 × 200
Ultrasonic power: 1800, frequency 28kHZ
Ultrasonic sink size: 800 × 300 × 250



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